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About us

Saga Au Pair’s policy is about offering guidance, helping to match au pairs to families, as well as mediation between families and au pairs. We provide the experience and knowledge in the contractual procedures like visa/work permit, which is why we provide support throughout the whole exchange. We help with general counselling, contact with the host families and au pairs and, if necessary, the replacement of an au pair to a new family.

Moreover, Saga offers babysitting service, an extra help for some hours per day to take care of the kids, making everyday life a little bit easier for the parents. We have in our database only experienced and responsible employees.

Our team

Aline Souza

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Aline moved to Stockholm, Sweden in August 2014 to work as au pair. She holds a degree in Economics and has participated in several training courses in Management and Social Training. In Brazil, Aline worked in an NGO called ORPAS (Obras Recreativas, Profissionais, Artísticas e Sociais) where she currently serves on the executive board. Apart from Sweden, she has international experience in various countries such as Argentina and Romania. She loves the exchange of cultures and knowledge, a reason why she wants to help more families and au pair candidates to have this experience.

Lisa Jackson

Born and raised in Germany, Lisa decided to become an au pair in Stockholm in 2014 after finishing high school. After leaving her host family after two beautiful years, she studied Social Anthropology at the University of Stockholm and completed her Bachelor of Philosophy with a field study about the au pair program in 2019. During her 5 years in Sweden she has worked as a receptionist and Nanny, establishing contact to host families all around Stockholm. Lisa is very interested in languages and the interaction of different cultures and thus passionate about promoting cultural exchange.

Christina Diewald

Born in Dernbach, Germany. Christina moved to Stocksund, Sweden in June 2018 to work as an au pair. Before coming to Sweden she worked in a kindergarden, did an apprenticeship as a travel agent and worked in a travel agency in Germany. She is very interested in other cultures and languages and loves to explore new countries and cities. As an au pair she had the possibility to live in a Swedish family for one year to learn the Swedish culture and language. Now she wants to help other people making this experience possible.

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Our services

Au pair

  • Support in selection/matching of au pairs to host families according to the information provided by the profile, and the expectations of each candidate and family

  • Intermediation between potential au pair and future host families

  • Guidance and support before and during the visa application process

  • Monitoring of the terms & agreement, and the status of the au pair

  • Mediation between the parties, in case a conflict of interest would appear

  • Replacement for au pairs and families, in case of a rematch.


  • Finding a responsible and experienced babysitter to look after your child/children. We check their references and request a background check.

  • Personal service, according to your needs and schedule;

  • Providing tutoring language to help your kid build up or improve his/her language skills through our service “Nanny Språk”. We have babysitters who speak both English, Swedish, Portuguese and other languages.

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