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Why should you consider an au pair?

There are numerous advantages to consider an au pair. The first benefit, and what we consider most important, is to provide children with people from different cultures, thus enabling the learning of new cultural habits and new languages. In a globalized world, this is a factor of great importance for the psycho-cognitive development of children. In addition, parents will have extra help in daily activities. Someone to help with the everyday routine of childcare, preparing small meals, playing and socializing with the kids.

How to get started

After reading about the au pair program and making the decision to have a multicultural experience, what are the next steps to get in contact with an au pair?

  1. Complete the pre-registration or send an email to SAGA and we register you in our database
    By contacting Saga, we will send you a registration form with questions about the parents, the children, social and eating habits, among other fields of interest, that will help us to find a candidate that best fits the family profile. We are open to solve all doubts that may exist about the program. In case of completing the full registration, after signing the contract, there will be an activation fee.

  2. Profile analysis and selection of the au pair
    After the analysis of the family profile, we will examine our database for profiles of candidates that best fits the family. After this is done, we will send the selected profiles to the family who will decide for a candidate. The family will conduct any future interviews and decide which candidate will fit the best.

  3. Guidance
    After a match, all the guidance will be provided for the candidate regarding required documents for visa application, language courses, etc.

  4. After match
    To provide a full experience for both parties, after the match we will monitor the au pair program, as well as being available to guide and support the au pairs if needed and help the families with/and an eventual rematch. According to the contract, there is no charge for the rematch for a certain amount of time.