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Childcare focuses on the development and well-being of the child

Looking for an extra help sometimes? Saga Au Pair Services has a great pool of bilingual (or multilingual), experienced and creative nannies. But all with one thing in common: Their love for children.


Saga Au Pair Services focuses on providing qualified nannies that stimulate the children's creativity with active Play and Learn activities. To offer the child safe and quality time.


Our babysitters can also help you with: Picking up and dropping kids off at school; When picking up, being in charge of their dinner and occupying their time with creative activities and/or helping with their homework; caring for a sick child that cannot or should not go to school or daycare; extra help at children's parties, weddings or other events; Taking care of the child when their school or daycare is closed.


Nannies that are fluent in other languages, such as English, Swedish and Portuguese, so can communicate with the child mainly or only in the language of your request.

Babysitting with language tutoring

Saga Au Pair Services also provides the service called "nanny språk". Our babysitters can help your kid to build up or/and improve his/her language skills through conversation and the development of playful and pedagogical activities, according to the child's age.


We have babysitters with different native languages ​​such as:


If you have other language requests, please contact us!


​The hourly rate for babysitter services depends on time and date as well as the babysitter’s age. The prices are given after the tax deduction (RUT deduction), if you cannot make use of RUT the price is doubled.

We charge a minimum of 2.5 hours per session.


We will invoice via e-faktura with a period of 15 days for the payment, that way, after the invoice is paid, we must apply for the remaining 50% of the amount with Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency), in case of RUT.

In case of an occasional babysitting, Saga will send the invoice to the client until 5 days after the service has been provided.
When it is a weekly or regular babysitting, Saga will send the invoice to the client between the 12th and 15th of each month.

About the Skattesubvention – RUT - avdrag

How does Rutavdraget work? You can get a maximum of 25 000 kr in deductions per year / person and it applies to both domestic services and renovation work. If you exceed the amount you have to pay full price for the service. For child care to be seen as a household service must take place in or adjacent to the home; otherwise the full price.

If you are unsure if you can use Rutavdraget or if RUT covers your needs, you can contact the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) on their number 0771-567567. Read more about Rutavdraget published their website.