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Au pair program

The au pair program is a form of cultural exchange, which aims to trade the experiences between the au pair and the host family, providing a platform for both parties to better know the culture and language of the au pair to the family and vise versa.

The au pair lives with her host family, who offer accommodation (own room and bathroom), food, monthly pocket money of at least 3500,00 SEK (gross remuneration) and a initial course of the Swedish language. In return, the au pair needs to look after the children and make small household chores, for a maximum of 25 working hours per week.

Who can apply to be au pair in Sweden?

In order to obtain a work permit in Sweden, you must (only for non-EU citizens):

  • have a valid passport

  • be 18-30 years old

  • show that you have a definite interest in or use for Swedish language studies

  • have a certificate of admission to studies in Swedish

  • have a written job offer from a family in Sweden, indicating that you will be doing light housework for no more than 25 hours per week

  • not bring any family member with you


Household and studies combined must not exceed 40 hours per week.

A permit to work as an au pair may be granted for up to one year.

What does an au pair do?
  • Take care of kids
  • Washing the kids laundry and putting it back into the wardrobes
  • Taking the children to school or their spare time activities and back home
  • Preparing the children's meals
  • Helping the children tidy up their rooms
  • Helping them with their homework and supporting their school development

What does an au pair not do?

  • Work more than 25 hours per week

  • An au pair is not an employee or a maid

  • Take care of pets

  • Heavy cleaning