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Why be an au pair?

The combination of experiencing other cultures with a chance to work is something that can be of great benefit to both the au-pair and the family.

It's a great opportunity to test what it's like to be a part of a different society, and even if it's on a short term, the experience will last a lifetime.

A perfect way to enjoy other countries while getting the chance to not only learn new skills and languages, but also about yourself.

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Steps to be an au pair

  1. Complete the pre-registration or send an email to SAGA to be subscribed in our database.
    By contacting Saga, we will send you a registration form with questions about your habits, family, personal data, among other issues, that will help us to find a host family that best fits your profile.


  2. Profile analysis and selection of the Host Families
    After analysis of the au pair profile, we will search our database for profiles of host families and au pair that have a potential to match. We will send the au pair profiles to the families who will decide which candidates to interview. After the interviews, the family decides which candidate fits better with them. If both parties agree, they have a match.


  3. Match and Guidance
    After the match, all the guidance will be given on the documents required for visa application, language course, etc. We want to provide a full and safe experience for both parties, after the match we will monitor the au pair program, as well as make us available to guide and assist in possible incompatibilities and eventual rematch. When you have a match we will send the data required for payment of the contractual fee.